RTL too high

Hello, This evening I crashed my hexa. :frowning: First of all, I want to say that the main problem was the remaining battery…

I wanted to reach 200m but I forgot that the Fence FailSafe was enabled at 100m, so I though I lost control of the copter when it entered the failsafe. I triggered 2 failsafes. The first one was fine, but I cancel it… The second one tried to reach 50m instead of 15m I programed in the RTL_Altitude param.

All those things drove me crazy and finally I crashed it because my batt died…

I don’t understand in the second RTL why it trid to reach 50 meters…
All the problem started at 18.06
At 18.06.45 I reach the 100M limit.
At 18.07.04 Retake control.
At 18.07.10 2º failsafe
At 18.07.41 Retake control an then RTL and it starts risisng to 50m ¿?¿?WHY?¿?¿
At 18.08.13 Retake control but too low battery :frowning:

I attach the LOGS. Thank you very much.

No one knows what could have happened?

no, the logs are very strange… ThrOut stays at max for a long time, then is reduced, and then back up at 100%.

I’m not certain of the logic of RTL in 3.1, but it may be trying to fly to home at the current altitude because it is above the RTL altitude, but it entered RTL with a 10 m/s descent.