RTL throttle setting (and an autotune question while I'm at it)

Hello guys, sorry for the 2 stupid questions (absolutely new to all of this)…

  1. I’ve set up my flight models, but where/how do I modify throttle setting value for when select RTL (or turning of remote for example)

  2. Autotune - I’ve selected so I have it as a flight mode so I can select in flight. In the air and once selected and I carried out all the pitch/roll commands to completion is the data stored automatically or do I need to select a different mode. Is it just a case of landing and de-powering the FC or is there something else I need to do?

Many thanks.

All the answers are in the docs for plane fw i believe, from memory rtl is an auto mode and i think it controls to a speed setpoint not a throttle setting.

Be sure you check the sense of the servo direction of the surfaces in fbwa for instance when you roll and pitch the plane before you take off. Dont be another user who says “it was all going well in manual till i tried autotune etc then my plane nosedived and crashed”

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Hello Scott, thanks for reply. Yes read the docs through and through but the throttle one eludes me. Servo directions are all working correctly in manual/fbwa.

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Ah ha! Trim_thottle! Thank you Scott, that wasn’t clear to me. I’ll go and play and see what happens.

All the best.