RTL speed explanation

Can please someone explain me a difference between LAND_SPEED / LAND_SPEED_HIGH in RTL mode ?
I know that one is for first stage, and the other for final stage.
But what exactly is First/final stage of RTL?
Do i understand it correctly than first stage is when drone goes up to reach RTL height and final stage is the speed which drone maintain while going down even if its above / below RTL altitude?

If I remember right.
The drone in RTL once it reaches it’s home point starts to descend at a higher rate of speed “LAND_SPEED_HIGH” to a point above the ground. Then it’s decent speed is reduced to a lower speed “LAND_SPEED” till it meets the ground. It then determines if it’s landed and then disarms.
I think thats what your referring too.

LAND_SPEED_HIGH is used for descending from current altitude to LAND_ALT_LOW. From LAND_ALT_LOW to ground, vehicle descends at LAND_SPEED.

Thank you!
So if i have LAND_ALT_LOW set to 1000 (10m) and i want RTL to be faster while descending from higher altitudes, I only need to change LAND_SPEED_HIGH So it will descend from let say 100m to 10m faster, and last 10m it will slow down to LAND_SPEED.Right? Thats a good feature :slight_smile:

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Yes. You are right. If you are at higher altitudes you can descend as fast as your vehicle could be able to maintain. Below that you want to slow down the vehicle and come back to the earth as soft as possible to avoid structural and collateral damages.

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