RTL setup

Hi everyone,

I’m flying FPV with a FX-61 flying wing with the APM 2.5.
Everything is working fine with not a lot of fine tuning (FBW, Stabilize, Loiter, Auto, RTL).
The only thing I would like to tune, if that is possible, is with the RTL mode.
When I switch to RTL, the plane start to climb and turn to the direction of the Home point.
Sometimes, I fly FPV and I find paths between trees and if I was to lose the image and engage the RTL, I would prefer thet the plane climb to the altitude before sterring back to Home.

Thanks for your help !

I speak under correction, I don’t think you will be able to change that behavior. It might be that in climbing to altitude flying straight on the AP flies you into the next tree… You might be able to return via the pathe flown, but again in the turn around you might hit something at low level. Best wait for vision based avoidance in the PX4.

I was thinking the same thing yesterday, if I was following a river or country road, or even a dry river bed.
Then the CIRCLE function could get you into a lot of trouble!

I was thinking there must be a way to have the first step for the plane to hold course and climb say 20m, then circle, then RTL.

That would be very comforting during some flights.


I think I lost my last post, but it might double up later…

YES, I was thinking the same thing, if following a country road, or a dry river bed, then CIRCLE during signal loss could cause a sad result!!!

I was thinking it would be great to have a 3rd step in the recovery process:

  1. Hold course & climb say 20m
  3. RTL

Just my thoughts


Grakez, that’s exactly the problem I noticed. Where I fly FPV, there is a lot paths that I could try to fly in (there is also a little river) but I don’t risk it because of how the RTL takes control of the plane. I tried engaging it at about 10 - 15 feet and at the opposite direction of the Home point. The plane banks right away and turns while climbing. So if I try to fly low over that little river and I lose the video feed… I’m in trouble. :slight_smile:

If there’s no way to change that, that’s not the end of the world, I don’t fly a very costly plane for FPV, but I think is could be a safer option.