RTL Return Altitude

Is there a way to force the copter to before navigating to home location, adjust the altitude to desired return to launch altitude.
I know that if the copter’s current altitude is below the RTL_ALT, the copter climbs to RTL_ALT before navigating to RTL location but is there a mechanism to descent to RTL_ALT if i am above RTL_ALT before going to return to launch position?
If not how can i do this?

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There is not a parameter/command to do that.

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Is it in the to-do list by the developers?

I would doubt that. It seems to me that if it was fixed value it could be a crash-O-matic feature if you fly in different places and didn’t account for it.

Could have been nice if this choice let to the user like inav did.

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: