RTL or Land for motor fail

Hi !

After brosing a lot i guess there is no auto-detection for a motor fail (or broken prop), right ?
SO, if this is correct and there is no detection, what do you guys advise to do manually in such a case ?
( I have a Hexa, so the Hexa can be controlled in a limited way with 1 motor/prop out)
Land ?
Get it home or safe manually ? (If in clear sight)

Please let me know what experience advises…



That’s right. There’s no detection of a motor failure. Maybe some day when we have “smart ESCs”.
Landing ASAP is the only thing you can try. I’m not actually sure though that the hexacopter will stay upright. A Y6 will but perhaps not a hexacopter. It will at least lose yaw control so RTL will be completely impossible.

Hi rmackay !

I knew that the FC cannot detect a motor failure directly.
I hoped that the FC could sense the discrepance between wanted movement and measured movement.

But thats hard of course…

So a retrn to Launch Failsafe would probably result in a horrible catastrophy if a motor / propeller failure occured, right ?

Thats not very good as landing is not a good option if you have a receiver fault on the other hand.