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RTL on separate switch on X9D

I am trying to configure APM 2.6 in mission planner to program RTL to a 2 position switch. I do not have a 6 position switch to be able to use all modes on a 6 pos pot. Is there a way to program a 2 position switch on the taranis to be only for RTL?

Thanks for all you guys do.


Just setup Channel 7 or 8 to RTL in Mission Planner

Or you could also fit one of the Turnigy 6 Position switches that hobbyking sell for the 9X, although personally I still prefer to have RTL on a separate switch for speed of use.


I am running apm plane. I didn’t think there was a way to assign flight modes to a specific channel. Like how modes is in ch 8

Is there a tut in how to do this?

Thanks for your help Paul

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Sorry I though you where using copter.

Have a look on YouTube, there are a couple of guides on how to get six modes on a 9x using a 3 position and a 2 position switch to get 6 modes that should work with Arduplane.

Anyone know why the option to configure channels 7&8 where not put in Arduplane.


its a sad thing to not have the CH7 / CH8 Options as well as copter… Hopefully someone will implement this. Please vote here, if you would like to have it as well. At least RTL…

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