RTL not working properly after firmware update

Dear All - First post so hoping i’ve done everything correctly.

I own a Quanum Nova quad with APM FC and decided recently to upgrade to FW3.2.1 ahead of trying some auto missions. Prior to the upgrade everything was fine including RTL behaviour. Since the FW upgrade a RTL command gives strange behaviour in the latter stages. Having reached the point in space directly above the landing zone the quad now seems to veer off and drift sideways during the descent instead of descending vertically. In some instances it then tries to correct this at the last minute and flies sideways again to get back to the RTL point. When it does try to land it inevitably rolls over due to some sideways flight and also the motors don’t seem to stop until rollover happens.

In terms of log files and what i can upload I have a log file from a fairly long flight that includes an RTL command where I was expecting the bad behaviour so managed to switch back to manual stabilise and carry on, just before it would have crashed. I also have a backup of the parameters prior to the firmware upgrade that might be useful to compare to the parameters that are now in use?

2016-09-10 10-52-58.log (1.3 MB)
2016 08 Old firmware.param (4.7 KB)

As a new user I can only put 2 attachments in a post so i’ve uploaded the log file and the old firmware parameters. The new firmware parameters can be seen at the start of the log file i believe?

One thing I suppose I could try is a downgrade to an older firmware and loading up the old parameters. I’m not sure what the old firmware was though and i recall when i looked in Mission Planner that there were several available to select and I’d hate to choose the wrong one.

Anyway, i’ll wait for some advice here hopefully and see what it brings.

Many thanks in advance, quiet excited to see what it brings…


Hello everyone, 34 views and no replies. Obviously i’m in no position to be demanding assistance but i may have to abandon hope and try something else as i’m stuck! What’s the average time for a response does anyone know please? Thanks in advance for any help. Jono

At the moment there is a lot of work being done by the Dev’s on the FW release for 3.4, so most visitors here will be other APM users.

Had a quick look at the logs, and noted first that you do not have much logging enabled.
Next I noticed only Stab mode throughout, no RTL. Not sure if this is an APM Planner reporting error on older logs or not.
I could see no RTL mode at all.

So a flight with full logging would certainly help see if there is anything amiss.
A few more details would also help regarding your rig.
What version APM? Source?
Do you have a battery monitor?
GPS make and type?
Frame size?
Even a pic would help.

Sorry I can’t be any more informative than this but I did look but couldn’t determine much.