RTL not being executed in mission planning commands

I am using 3.1.1 with APM2.6. the quad flies excellent in all modes and is very stable. when I give RTL command the quad climbs to RTL height but does not returns to home. it keeps loitering at that height. the same happens in ‘takeoff’ command. any command following ‘takeoff’ is not executed in mission planning. all other navigation commands work perfectly. i am using 3DR frame with default parmas.

Do you have any of the log files from the APM for your flights? I’m sure they will be needed to analyze whats going on.


Hi russ, sure i will post the log files. i will have to fly my quad again since i did not save the log files. i have down graded to 2.9.1b in which i do not have the above problems mentioned in my post. the problem is not resolved as yet. i accidentally accepted the reply and the ‘resolved flag’ is shown.

hi, i am attaching the log files when flown with AC3.1.2

@russ, i think there is a bug in AC3.1.2 when you change the value of parameter ‘WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR’ from default of 2 to 1 the RTL command does not executes. the craft would rises to the RTL altitude and would keep loitering there. similarly after executing ‘takeoff’ command it does not executes the following command and instead keeps loitering at the takeoff altitude. when i changed this value back to 2 all the problems regarding these commands were solved. but this bug does not effects the ‘waypoint’ command. took me one month to find this problem. i changed to different APM2.5 many times. i did not try other values which are 0 and 3.