RTL Mode activating in Automode


I am using a fixed wing plane with a pixhawk autopilot system. After all the setup done, I was checking the Flight Mode operation. When I turned to Auto Mode, it is switching to RTL mode.

I think it is due to Failsafe or any other related safety reason.

Can anyone confirm me with that?

Thank you for your help.

Plane switches to a RTL when there is no mission uploaded/ current mission is complete. Try uploading a new mission and you can see taht the AUTO mode will work as expected.

I understand that. But I would like to share something related to that.

On the previous day, I was doing the same, as mentioned in the question. When I turned to Auto mode, it was showing Auto mode on the HUD.

That is the reason I got confused.

LOGS please. Performing an AUTO mission without a mission causes RTL. What did you expect?


I understand that. I got confused when I saw Auto mode (when Auto mode executed) the previous day and RTL mode (when Auto mode executed) on the next day.