RTL is getting triggered and parameters don't seem to work


I’ve got an odd situation. Running 3.1.3 and have modified the GeoFence radius to 500m from 150m along with other params like WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR to the “nose in” setting. However, none of these appear to have taken effect since I set them.

I am still getting the RTL mode triggered when reaching 150m and the unit is still coming home tail in. I have a few control modes set to use “SUPER_SIMPLE” mode but they are not.

I have entered these params using the latest Mission Planner.

Clearly stumped…please help! see attached.

would also like to know which is the distance from home param in the logs. I was using my OSD to figure out that the RTL was being triggered at 150m (old value).

ok, so here’s another update. Upgraded to 3.1.4 and disabled the GeoFence feature. Also the GPS failsafe was deactivated. Yet I still get the RTL triggered when beyond 100m from home.

FYI, I have the DroidPlanner 2 Android app running. Could this software be commanding my Pixhawk to RTL?

Can someone advise on how to determine from the logs the source for the RTL command if it’s any of the failsafes? It is definitely not originating from my radio since I’ve removed RTL from any of the control modes.

Thanks in advance.

Just to post our latests results. I was able to find the events in the log which triggered the RTL occurring. I’ve pinned down exactly when the RTL was being triggered by looking at the Balt values (50m) and the throttle RCIN shown was at the failsafe level. So in other words, our radio range is being limited somehow and caused the RTL all along.

Would still like to know if these failsafe alarms are shown in the logs via messages and if the reason for the failsafe is included in the message. Would have saved us a lot of time.