RTL Home Settings Can't see anymore in 3.2.1 LOG


I am haveing this same problem in my APM 2,6 as in my clone pixhawk FC with 3.2.1

Expected results.: My RTL will go back to where the system was armed. I can see the
EV: 25 = Set Home (home location coordinates have been capture) in the log and the craft returns to launch.

Observed results: No RTL coordinates in Log, when RTL is activated it just goes somewhere.

Specs. Clone Pixhawk FC, clone 2,6 FC , APM 3.2.1,Ublok 6m GPS, Hex Copter, Turnigy 9 radio,

Does and can anyone verify that the EV is being set in their logs after arming


Not sure where to see that in the logs but using APM LogAnalyser (rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2151318) it does say that “home is set” and my RTL always lands within a few feet of take off.

That’s using ac3.2.1 on an APM and on a Pixhawk


Txs I have that log analyzer, but still it doesn’t show can u post both your .log file and a picture of the log analyzer?

Newest log I have that’s under the 2mb upload limit, it’s a few of months old but 3.2.1 on a pixhawk.
The APM is on a friends Tricopter so don’t have access to those.

Yes, you are correct 3.2.1 does not output the home location unless you load a mission and run it. IE there is no command set home sometimes in the log that shows where home was set. I think in the previous version it always outputted the home location cmd.



What do you mean run a mission. How do you do that? Also in the log analyzer it does show the home being set. I am comparing the log, log analyzer, and the mission planner to see if I can determine the line that the home coordinates are being set. I wish I could ask the author of the Log analyzer how he determines it.

I thank you all for all the help and info so far. I am just trying to determine if my copter has the right home coordinated before I start using RTL…

I will continue to research this.