RTL from follow me (guided mode) has issues

Using Mission Planner 1.3.38 Arducopter.

  • Test 1: After checking GPS lock and low hdop on the laptop, takeoff in loiter. move a bit and initiate RTL: Everything ok. (set 0 altitude so land and switch off motors).

  • Test 2: As above Loiter then engage follow me. The aircraft follows very well no issue. Click on [STOP] (follow me.) Try to initiate RTL (from Tx) but aircraft climb… climb some more and even more! Abort RTL and try to initiate land (From Tx): landed.

Problem seems that follow me is changing something and RTL is not possible even after clicking on the [STOP] in the little follow-me window.

Any help welcome.

could you please upload a tlog?

Thank you for answering.

I did “clean” the directory
If you look at the two pictures:

  • Shows RTL altitude should be at “current altitude”
  • But RTL after follow me take the absolute altitude and “plug it” in the relative altitude it seems.

Without “follow me”, RTL works perfectly at “current altitude”.