RTL flyaway issue

I have a recurring issue when I attempt to use the RTL flight mode. In my experience it typically only works on my first flight after connecting my battery, arming, and flying away. On my 2nd+ attempt, my model starts to take off in a random direction. My compass and GPS are working as they should as my loiter consistently works well. It seems like the arming coordinates get lost after RTL is first used. If I land it, then take off again and attempt to use it, it goes to fly away. I think the only way to reset it to get it to work again is to disconnect and reconnect the battery.

Does anyone have experience with this?

Is it really flying away?
Or is it trying to get up to the preset RTL return altitude?

The only way to determine what it is doing is to download the log file from the flight controller and see what it is doing. The log will show RTL and where it is going.


Did you have GPS lock BEFORE you took off? If not, RTL will go to wherever it got it’s lock. I had something similar happen. I armed my quad just outside my front door, got GPS lock, then flew it out to the street, walking behind it. Took it up and flew around a bit, and all at once, it took off by itself in a direction I was not controlling. I realized afterward, I had the geo fence enabled and had hit the altitude limit, and it went into RTL, which was outside my front door, not in the street where I was standing. BIG pucker moment for sure! :laughing:

Yes, it’s really flying away. I fly at a baseball field that is surrounded by trees. When I attempt an RTL, it goes to my RTL altitude (10m), turns into the way-point direction (as I configured it to do), and then starts flying–into the trees. There is no way it could have gotten a coordinate/lock in the trees being I’ve never flown in them.

I have GPS lock at the time that I arm.

Like I said, the first RTL attempt works perfectly after plugging in a battery, arming, and taking off. But if I land somewhere, disarm, re-arm, fly away and try a RTL, it goes into a random direction.

I will get a log.

Here’s my logs. I attempted 4 or 5 RTL IIRC, and all but the last one worked. So review the last time I invoked RTL, towards the end of the log. It was super windy today so I only flew 1 lipo and called it a day.

It is too large to post so I put it on my dropbox. Let me know if you need to see any other files:
dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/974 … -25-55.log