RTL failsafe autoland - various landing places

I wonder…
Right now I have on one plane set that in case of failsafe plane goes RTL, and then executes landing mission. However this system limits me to one flying place only because the landing is programmed in mission planner / qgroundcontrol (direction of approach etc).

Would it be possible (is it possible) in AP to have 2 or more landing positions available for various flying locations? So in case of RTL plane goes to the nearest landing location and lands there?

Take a look on rally points feature. It gives you functionality needed to land in different spots in case of rtl.
Rally points

Well, not really my needs as the description says it will loiter over rally point. And I want my plane to land instead.
Seems like there is no way to have more than one landing point stored, so the mission plan needs to be adjusted according to the planned flight location.

Hi @Silesia_Biker

You can combine the DO_LAND_START functionality with the Rally points mentioned above. The plane will chose the nearest DO_LAND_START and can land by its own.

It should fit all your needs.

Good luck!!!

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