RTL does not Land although RTL_ALT_FINAL=0

Hi all !
I am a noooob and had quites some losses while learning stuff…

Now my first (probably cryppa) Hexacopter flies quite well.
So i am trying to safe my investments and worked on Failsafe mode.
I DO have a Turnigy 9x but the missing Failsafe capability has been compenated for by a cheap failsafe module on Throttle channel.

So i tried it out. Set Failsafe to RTL, waited for GPS fix, started and switched off remote…
The Hexa came back to launch position, hovering in the desired 15m (now i set that to 25m due to very tall trees around).
But it lotered “forever” (waited 20secs as i found the value to be set to 5000 msecs = 5 secs before it SHOULD land).
The final heigth was set to “0” so in my usnderstanding it should try to land.

Probabyl i overlooked something, can someone lend me a hand whats wrong (in my setup or brain).

Thank you !


copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/rtl-mo … Parameters

=> RTL_ALT_FINAL[/quote]

Hi Stefan !

Yes, thats the value i found to be set to “0”.

Doesn’t that mean “Land after loitering for 5 secs” ?
As i wrote it did not land but keep on loitering far beyond the 5 secs limit…

Please correct me if i am misunderstanding something but THANKS anyways for the quick answer !

Greetings and have a “happy new years” in any case :slight_smile:


Jeps, if you set this to zero, the copter should RTL, hover for 5 secs and then land.
However, In another thread, Randy was describing a bug where the copter would NOT start to land after 5 secs but - if so at all - after a much longer time. It seems, you caught that bug too.
To be sure, could you do a test - take off, fly a few meters away and then hit RTL and wait if it starts landing after a longer time. Please use a battery monitor and land manually if the alarm goes off :slight_smile:.

I have edited your original topic title so it’s easier to find this specific issue.

Hi Stefan !
I found ths other thread dealing with the very same problem:

I tried out the advised workaround and it worked, although my craft looked a bit nervous while landing.
Will fiddle with those parameters and report my success !
(In THAT thread, not here).

Thank you for your time,


[color=#008000]Ok, thanks for the info. I’ll close this thread now.
Followup in viewtopic.php?f=70&t=5242[/color]