RTL and autoland

Is anyone able to explain to me how I can execute the RTL and autoland feature in APM plane 3.3? In the event of an emergency I would always like to be able to switch to RTL and have the plane autoland.

Hi Jcooper,

Did you read the bottom of the Autoland wiki, specifically the DO_LAND_START command and RTL_AUTOLAND parameter?


If you’re still having difficulties after reading that, please give more details.

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Thanks for the response. Yes I did read the bottom of the wiki but if I set an auto mission and I set that waypoint as my third last waypoint followed by the next waypoint being altitude drop and the final being the land waypoint. If I hit RTL should it autoland or if I complete the mission will the autoland still be the same as normal without the do start land command? Moreover if I am flying in stabalize and just set the one way point for do start land will the plane land at the home point when I hit RTL and how do I ensure it lands nicely instead of doing a steep drop to land. Any help is appreciated.


Its not entirely clear to me what your asking. You saying that you want the AUTO mission to include the landing beginning with your 3rd last waypoint right? So if your flying around and you go into AUTO it will go wp1, wp2 and then wp3 and start the landing. Further if your flying around and you go into RTL you also want it to do the landing? If that’s the case then yes that will work.

Finally you cannot set 1 waypoint and expect it do land nicely - that’s now how it works. You need to follow the instructions and set 3. DO_LAND_START, the first approach waypoint and the LAND waypoint.

Thanks, Grant.