RTL after AUTO incident

With my quadrocopter I could reproduce a unexpected behavior in RTL-mode.

General Information:
On my Taranis i have a 6-Position Switch for flight modes:
Position 1= Stab; 2=loiter, … 5=Auto, 6=RTL
I was flying some kilometers away of my Standard Test Location. The Auto-Mission is defined at my Standard test location.

Flight Procedure:
1.GPS 3D locked. armed
2.Takeoff in Stab
3.Switch to Loiter
4.Flying around (everything normal)
5.Switch to AUTO for about 1 seconds
6.Quadro heading towards the Waypoints (normal)
7.Switch to RTL (suppose it come back)
8.Quadrocopter stops, flies NOT direction home-location, but towards direction my auto-Mission Waypoints (some Kilometers away) !
9. Stab mode
10. Loiter fly back, land

Can somebody reproduce that behavior?

sounds scary.

Strange! you first gps fix is on the cross roads that matches what google earth shoes as your flight paths. So that should have been your home position.

Not related as you don’t have battery fail safe RTL enabled, but you had la few battery failsafe errors due to low voltage

Looks like you are using telemetry, I am wondering if your gcs over wrote the home position back to where youur mission was planned…although that’s a guess.

Maybe an old Rallypoint?


i had also a “Flayaway” to a old Rallypoint when my Copter tried to RTL.

hey, your Location is Erlach. I fly in the Region Murten.
Sorry for my bad english.


Your Quadrocopter has terrible vibrations.
It’s a wonder that he flies at all.