RTK with second gps question

This may not be the place for this post but with changes in gps switching the question is related. Since the RTK units I have (here+, Drotex xl) pick up fewer satellites than the m8n counterparts how does the firmware deal with dgps? I assume (dangerous, l know) that arducopter uses the second gps as it has a greater sat count, most of the time by 5 or 6.


Hi Randy,

So with 3.5 there are two options: blended and the old use best switch. With the use best switch it basically looks at which GPS has a better reported mode (3D Fix, DGPS, RTK) and then, between two in the same mode, at which has more sats; it then uses the best among them. With blended a third virtual GPS is created that blends the two GPS information, based on their reported accuracy (horizontal and vertical position and speed).

I hope this helps clarify your doubts.

Thanks Francisco, so if in use best mode it will use dgps or RTK over the m8n even if it’s sat count is lower? If that is the way it works then all is well, sounds perfect. Thanks for the help, long live open source.

Cheers, R

Yes, it looks at mode first and only if they are equal will it look at number of sats.