RTK using different GPS receivers?

Dear community,

I bought a Reach M+ GPS receiver few month ago and use the NTRIP configuration to achieve RTK navigation. However, sometimes the Internet connection will be interrupted on the field, leading to very inaccurate navigation. So I plan to buy another GPS receiver based on F9N chip (https://store.drotek.com/sirius-rtk-gnss-rover-f9p). But the question is can I use the Reach M+ as the local base to send RTK correction signal to the F9N receiver configured as rover ?

I have not used any of the Emlid products but I have used a number of others including the F9P. I have direct experience using the F9P as a base station outputting RTCM corrections for use with various other roving GNSS modules so I am confident that you could do it this way if required. A quick Google search of the Emlid website yields this: https://docs.emlid.com/reach/common/reachview/base-mode/ which outlines the same functionality so I’m pretty sure that you can do what you are proposing.