RTK service login error issue for NTRIP protocol in Mission Planner

I’m trying to receive RTK data using the NTRIP protocol from the latest version of Mission Planner.

The parameters for NTRIP connection are as follows.


Currently, gnssdata.or.kr in Korea uses email as the login ID.
Therefore, two @'s are included in the connection parameters, ultimately making it impossible to log in.

If you refer to another document, it says you can change @ to -at- as shown below, but it doesn’t work.


How can I solve this problem?

You are receiving an unauthorized response, meaning that either your username or password (or both) are not recognized as valid for use with the NTRIP service.

The “-at-“ syntax is somewhat specific to RTK2Go. It was a good troubleshooting step, but not likely the solution in this case.

It is possible to use a general ID, but in Korea NTRIP service, it is not possible because the ID is used as an email address. Is there any way to solve this?

You need to use the connection string accepted by your NTRIP service. If there are two @ symbols, use two @ symbols. Mission Planner simply tries to connect via the supplied URL. The response you are receiving indicates you do not have permission to access the caster based on the information supplied.

You may need to create an account. I am not familiar with that caster, so I can’t really solve this for you. Maybe their support can help?