RTK options question

I am just testing the RTK injection with a Drotek RTK system and MP

  • I can’t enter a lower accuracy setting than 2 m. When I enter another value, is set back to 2m again when I switch screens
  • where can I find a description of the parameters settings and status messages?
  • what does “In progress: false” mean?
  1. if you are suing a defined base point, then you cant change the survey in accuracy.
  2. currently the wiki pages doesn’t exist, as this is all new.
  3. it means its not in progress. ie in your screenshot the survey in has finished.

Thanks a lot Michael.
2 more questions:

  • what does the checkbox New RTCM Message do?
  • in the status message in the screen shot it states “Obs: 168” - what does this mean?
  • I assume that the checkbox “m8n fw 130” relates to the new and modified RTCM messages supported by the HPG130 ublox firmware- correct?

Thank you for this great piece of software and for answering all my questions!

  1. new RTCM message depends on how older version of copter/plane you are using, try to use the new one if possible. as it has a lot more smarts about data loss.
  2. obs is the number of observations it used for the survey in.
  3. yes only tick when using HPG130, otherwise it will not work at all.
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