RTK Mapping With 2 Reach M+

Hi Every One;

I have 2 Reach M+, 2 Tallysman multi-GNSS antenna and Pixhawk Cube Black with Here+ GPS.

I read the emlid docs but its about pixhawk 2.4.8.

Here is my questions.

When I pluged the 3DR radio to telem1 port on cube black it is working but on telem2 port not working. Also When I pluged the Reach M+ (for rover) to telem1 port on cube black it is working but on telem2 port not working.

I have to connect these two hardware on cube black. What is the solution?

Emlid docs said for pixhawk 2.4.8, “You must plug the reach m+ to serial4/5 port and change some parameters”

Which port is the correct one for reach M+ on cube black and which parameter I have to change?

I did not fully understand.
For Example
If I plug the 3dr radio on telem1 port there is no problem and I dont need to change any parameters.

Then I plug the reach m+ to gps2 port (serial4) I have to change some parameters.

Could you explain me which parameters I have to change?

Thank You I will try it tomarrow. I will use telem1 for 3DR radio and gps2 port for reach m+. Then I will change SERIAL4_PROTOCOL to 5 and GPS_Type to 13.

Last question.
When I pluged the reach m+ gps2 port, only red light was on (solid). Does it about parameters or else?

I power my cube with 4s lipo on power port. Now I am only testing and trying to configure the setting in an office. So I plug to pixhawk cube only 3DR radio air module and reach m+. I powered these two hardware from pixhawk.

In the same situation, when I power reach m+ from telem1 port it is working. Red, blue and green lights on. But when I powered reach m+ gps2 port, it is not working. So I think there is no problem about reach m+ cable (rx and tx)

Thank you so much Matt. I was so tired of you. I will try and write here the result. If I done this, I will go to the next stage (trigger the camera) and I will want to some help from you

Hi Matt

Thanks for all. I made RTK setting with two reach m+ for your help. I made gps injeck, mission planner connection.

Last Question. I have hot shoe. I pluged hot shoe to my sony camera. I triggered the camera from pixhawk on mission planner. After that what am I do for mapping? WHich setting is important?

I map with such a setup since many years. I would not use gps inject but do PPK. If you do like that you only need to power the Reach module via the Cube or a battery and connect it to the camera hot shoe to collect time marks.

Regarding the settings:

  • 75% overlap
  • no image stabilization
  • check if auto focus or manual focus produces sharper images while flying
  • manual exposure
  • faster than 1/1000s
  • no fully open aperture
  • check if Reach records time marks