RTK Integer Fix / Float not recognised by AC3.4.1 using NMEA protocol

Hello, I’m using NAVSPARK RTK 2 NS-HP-5 modules.

RTK Fix is working well and we check status using wifi and NavSpark software.

But mission planner only mark DGPS when float or fix, also it seems that AC3.4/MP no print RTK Fix HDOP??, never below 0,9m…

Yes, RTK status isn’t detected in NMEA. There is someone that opened a PR that integrated that but did it in a new driver which we don’t want because it has lots of duplicated code (and there’s no need for the new driver). If and when the PR is corrected it will probably go in, but we don’t know if that will make to 3.4 or not.

Thanks For this feedback…

As support for piksi / emlid / ublox rtk has been added to AC3.4, it seems to be fair that the support for nmea standard be added for rtk to ensure suport for all gps technology

It isn’t a matter of fairness, it is a matter of someone working on it :slight_smile:

By the way, the PR is #4458 and in there you can also see NMEA has a big shortcoming: there’s no standard for providing vertical velocity which is something the EKF likes to have to get good results.