RTK Inject QGround Control


Are there any plans to add RTK/GPS Inject through QGround Control as there is in Mission Planner?

We use the RTK inject feature in Mission Planner to inject RTK corrections from the Smartnet NTRIP service, but i couldn’t see any way of doing it in QGround Control when i trialled it.


It would be great if the Android version also got an NTRIP client.

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Now that gimbal control trough joystick is available, ntrip client is the only feature i miss to use qgoundcontrol. It would be great to have it since the sotware itself is really really nice.

Is there a way to request this anywhere?

Is there any way currently to serve Ntrip data from an IOS app? QGC doesn’t support Ntrip and I would like to just place an IOS device on the Rover rather than telemetry from a remote Ground Station. I get free Ntrip service here with good coverage.