RTK HERE+ Geotagging

Hi guys

I’m using the HERE+ RTK and i’m getting very good signal and the auto flight was very smooth and precise (did some tests with 1m accuracy and i got always RTK FIXED) but when i go to the geotagging - using the geotag in MPlanner - phase i’m getting very bad accuracy (2,5m XYZ error).
i’m getting worst accuracy with rtk comparing with non-rtk (did another flight without rtk base on, only with gps in the drone - and i got above 1m XYZ error)

What could it be wrong? Is there a way to get the raw rtk position gps file? Where? What is the file that i should use? the bin that i download from the pixhawk 2.1?

Pixhawk 2.1 - latest build
Sony a5100 (dont have a hot shoe)
GPlanner 1.3.56
RFD900 Telemetry (always above 99%)

Log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nOxJ97eiykbGmcWWJs3nZHbhBqQxJBC1/view?usp=sharing

Hi Joao!

I want to suggest to buy a hotshoe adapter for your a5100!
There are different types of universal hotshoe adapters you can buy and access directly to the internal pins.

Good luck! Should fix your problem.

The 5100 dont have a hotshoe.

@YupsUAV I am a fan of a hotshoe as that will help with nailing down the time delay between the time the Pixhawk initiates the trigger time and when the camera actually triggers. It would have to be TERRIBLY off to create positional errors as big as @Joao_Marques is seeing. I have just ran a test where i have the HER+ RTK and an Applanix APX-15 VERY HIGH end GNSS and IMU. So I will be able to test the RTK position vs a position as accurate as about 2cm. Maybe we can all figure this out. :slight_smile:


Thank you! :wink:

Hi all!

i also have a HERE+ gps kit, wired to a test drone. last time i tried it (late 2017) i was getting quite bad results, with drone sitting on ground getting points, they were off by 1-3m one from each other. I must try again with latest arducopter FW, but i think there where something wrong in my workflow, although i followed user guide and got an “RTK” fix.
Following any discussion about it, either.

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