RTK GPS use without mission planner

I was wondering. Is there any GPS RTK system that works without mission planner or QGC or similar?
What i am looking for:
Base GPS module sends correction data directly to GPS air module, and as a result you have very accurate GPS for flying, without having a computer plugged in.
Is there anything what would work this way?

Yes, all of them can do that if you have a dedicated telemetry link between the RTK base and the RTK rover.

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Do you know of any page/manual how to achieve that ?

The pages and manuals from the GPS manufacturer.

It can be as simple as using your typical telemetry link style radios connected to the serial ports of the GNSS modules and configuring them to send/receive RTCM data on these ports. Be careful to configure the output to only include the specific data you require otherwise you may have trouble with bandwidth

For example: https://docs.emlid.com/reachm2/hardware-integration/

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Thank you.
I event found and old emlid reach modules in our worshop and manager to get it working !
I was at first looking at here3 modules, but these emlid modules works great ( at least at courtyard)!
Thank you all