RTK GPS the simplest way possible

Using EMLID GPS base and rover antennas for precision landing of a multirotor.
The base must send corrections to the rover (quad), however the tutorials only focus on explaining how to do this through Mission Planner. I want this to work without any GCS.

How reliable and effective is:

  1. Base GPS configured as wifi AP to generate its own wifi and have the rover connect to it.
  2. Base and Rover connect to a wifi router on the ground. Telemetry is there but not used for RTK.
  3. Base connected to Mission Planner via TCP and Mission Planner connected to quad via telemetry like here: https://docs.emlid.com/reach/ardupilot-integration/

Id prefer to use wifi with router since I already have a Companion Computer (CC) on board for dronekit applications.
Can the CC relay the corrections from the Base GPS? This would eliminate one wifi connection (rover to ground router) since I already have a wifi link from router to CC.