RTK GPS Receivers for projects

I have a bunch of unused GPS receivers. I would love to donate them to a developer project or sell them so they can be used.
I have 1 ashtech GG24 (l1 rtk GPS & Glonass) and 1 SCA12 (carrier phase GPS only)& some antennas.
Both are free to anyone paying the shipping.
1 - trimble 4800 RTK L1 & L2 base or rover w/ batteries and charger - any reasonable offer
2 - trimble 5800 RTK L1 & L2 base or rover pair (could be sold as a comlpete RTK package w/ controller)- any reasonable offer

All the above units could be used for accurate ground control RTK, Kinematic or Static.


This is a long shot, but I was wondering if the RTK modules are still available?

Yes I still have some RTK stuff that is older l1/12 (a little slow) but still cm accurate for GCP work.

I know this is a long shot given the date of this post but would you happen to any left? Thanks

yes I have some stuff left. Send me your address and I will ship it to you.

I sent you an email and Thanks for your help!