RTK/GPS inject issues with NTRIP

Hi All,
Im having issues getting my NTRIP data working in MissionPlanner.
Running MP 1.3.79.
Using the RTK/GPS inject page and connecting to my NTRIP client using this below string I am not getting the expected amount of data received and am not getting the “green bars” below indicating the data is being received correctly. The NTRIP string is http://XXUsernameXX:XXPasswordXX@positionz-rt.linz.govt.nz:2101/WRPA00NZL0 and the result is the below screenshot. https://discuss.ardupilot.org/uploads/default/original/3X/e/2/e2867e418fbc8cf7ff153e7f7bdf8fd1b57b9f68.jpeg

Ive verified that my NTRIP source is working using MAVProxy and the below commands

module load ntrip
ntrip set caster positionz-rt.linz.govt.nz
ntrip set port 2101
ntrip set mountpoint WRPA00NZL0
ntrip set username XXX
ntrip set password XXX
ntrip start

This results in good data being past to the rover, giving me a GPS float (float is likely due to a different problem). Im using the Here3 GPS (M8P single frequency) hence why im likely not getting a fix.

Can anyone see anything wrong with my MP setup? Would be great to do it within MP as this way I get more feedback as to the quality of my RTK solution.

Many thanks, Mike.