RTK/GPS Inject Error


I’ve set my base GPS station to be under Time Mode. U-Center is showing that it is connected to it via ComPort 10 and 9600 Baud Rate (shown at bottom right of U-Center screen) So in Mission Planner, I choose Com10 and 9600 (I’ve actually tried every single Baud Rate) and I get an error when I click Connect. The error still comes even if the UBlox M8P/F9P autoconfig checkbox is checked.

Can anyone please help as to why this is happening? I’m attaching the picture of the error that comes up


Make sure you have disconnected from uCenter and that the port is free. Might help to unplug and re-plug the connector.

Use 115200 or faster.

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You are awesome. Thank you. Now instead of GPS: 3D Fix, I’m getting GPS: 3D dgps. I assume I’m getting that because I’m inside? perhaps when I test this outside, I should get rtkFloat and then rtkFixed? There is no rain tomorrow, so I will go test this outside tomorrow.

Test with a clear view of the sky if trying to improve fix accuracy.

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Will do, thanks for your reply. About a month ago, I had asked you for some private tutoring as all of this seemed very overwhelming. I’ve bought all the pieces of equipment to fit onto my zero turn mower (except for the servos, I bought smaller ones for testing purposes so far, but I’ve saved the link to ones you’ve recommended on YouTube). I’ve got about 8 acres of grass here in Indianapolis and it takes about 4.5 hours to mow with a 61 inch deck zero turn mower.

I feel I’m making good headway with this. The small servos are connected properly with left and right throttle setting, I’ve set Channel 5 to be Flight modes (Hold Manual Auto) and channel 6 to be a relay (AuxOut 5) to cut off the seat safety switch.

I have 2 ArduSimpleRTK2B and 1 SimpleRTK2Lite, a FrSkyTaranis X9D Plus 2019, X8R receiver (I tested the range and its about 1700). cubeOrange and 2 small servos. I’ve set the fail safe for the mower to go into hold mode if out of RC range)

I feel there is a lot more to go, but every day I’m picking up something new. Thank you for replying quickly to my question. Your and Kenny’s videos on YouTube have been very helpful and I can’t wait to automate this lawn mower. It’ll be a big relief.

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Dive in deep - it starts to make sense after a bit!

You’re on the right track, it seems.

I’m not sure I recall a specific request for a private session. I do consult on a very part time basis.

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