RTK doesnt lock home location correctly

Hi anyone can give me some guideance. I’ve been stuck because of this RTK problem.

I’ve tried ways such as upgrading the firmware and reset the RTK inject, but the problem remains the same, which is always locking the home location where RTK was first installed, it shouldn’t be like that. the truth is where RTK is located there is the location of home if I’m not mistaken. but my RTK always locks the same home location wherever it is.

can anyone help me? I use RTK here +.

home always must be location of copter takeoff please send log file for a better analysis


hi thank you for reply, here they are.

i dont know why gps status is still 3d fix when i’m using rtk.

The status will only change to RTK fix if both the basestation and the copter ahve perfect GPS signal for more than 2 minutes.

PLEASE do not test indoors it will not work.

You do not have a base set here. Nothing is being sent to the rover.
Survey in a base station and click use.

Also set the antenna in a open area.