RTK based GNSS system

I am planning to use an RTK-GPS-based system on the drones. However, my base system is a moving vehicle. So, can I attach my RTK base on the moving vehicle and RTK GPS on a drone?

You can use a moving baseline configuration, but that will only correct the drone position relative to the position of the vehicle. It will not increase absolute accuracy.

You posted in Copter 3.5. Is that really the version you’re using?

Thank you so much for your reply. This was really helpful.

Do RTK based system give good accuracy with moving systems ? Will not the accuracy degrade over time as the base station will be continuously moving?

Also, can I get good hertz rate with RTK based systems like with minimum 20hz and maximum 100hz?

No, I am not using Copter 3.5 version. I posted in this discussu by mistake . I tried update but could not succeed in doing so!

If you use a NTRIP correction service that is at most 50Km away from you, you could configure both systems as RTK-rovers and get around 5cm accuracy on both base vehicle and flying vehicle.

Which receivers are you using? Which antennas are you using?

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Hi @amilcarlucas ,

Thank you so much for the reply. No, I have to buy the best receivers and antennas for the research project. It could be great if you could suggest the kits with hertz rate as good as possible. I have seen some on internet but I don’t know much knowledge which one do people use generally ?

is a good reference. I have had good experiences with helical antennas.

Ardupilot usualy does not need more than 10Hz. but it does need more than 5 Hz. You can get that by limiting the number of constelations to 2.

The only one I know that can do more than 20Hz is Septentrio. But ardupilot will choke on that.

Thank you so much for this reply. I will take a look into all this. Also, why do you say so that Ardupilot does not need more than 10Hz?
I need to get the updated position from GPS at a higher hertz rate for a smooth movement of drones, then how will it help the drones in faster update of the position at 5-10hz rate ?

Drones have smooth paths because of 400 Hz (or more) control loop rate running on IMU data acquired at even faster rates.

Faster GNSS update rates does not mean better nor smother operation on a properly built and tuned UAV

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Thank you for all the information.