RTK base rate and other parameters

Is there any documentation of the settings for the base of the RTK GPS?
What I mean is that the Initial Setup–>Optional Hardware–>RTK/GPS inject modifies some parameters of the BASE gps (baud rate, rate,…). Are those specs known? At which frequency the data are taken? 1 Hz? Because when it does the survey it seems 1Hz even if the base was configured (manually) for 4Hz.

Also because the BASE and ROVER GPS should have the same frequency to work best, and since the ROVER (onboard) GPS is not allower to go below 5Hz (GPS_RATE_MS parameter), I should put also the BASE at 5Hz, but I think mission planner modifies that rate.

PS: the best should be 4Hz as the uBLOX documentation says, so I don’t know why it is not allowed to go below 5Hz :frowning:

It looks like Mission Planner configs the base the moment you select M8P autoconfig - it changes settings you selected with U-center also.
I haven’t found any Mission Planner base config parameters so far - been searching around …

I found them today. They set the baudrate at 9600 and the rate of the GPS at 1Hz (which is very bad).

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