RTK Base - Multi Rover Setup using Mission Planer

Hi, I have BASE-Multi ROVER RTK board and GPS. I have successfully tested the individual BASE-ROVER configurations using Mission Planner through “RTK\GPS inject” windows.

Now, I need help to simultaneously use two Rover through tow Mission Planner with the same RTK base.

The Problem: If i select RTK BASE COM in “GPS RTK” Pannel of Mission Planner for one Rover, than for the other Rover, connected in an other Mission Planner, the COM in whitch Base sends correction is busy so Mission Planner cant using that BASE RTK.

In the attached image there is the error that happens when for the second Rover I select the COM of the RTK base, it tells me just that the COM 17 is busy.

How mission planner manage the Base-Multirover RTK setup ?

Every advice is really welcome.
Waiting for the help, Best regards.

ok, i need to know more about your setup

but you do know you can talk to both drones with one MP?

right click the top bar and pick connection option. to connected a second telem radio.

this way you can use the one rtk base for both drones.

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I resolv using com splitter separato.

thanck’s a lot anyway !