RTF X8 Issue

Need some assistance, bought a brand spanking new all the bells and whistles RTF X8 for work. Bird flies just fine, even took the beast up is 20 mph winds today and held station like a champ. BUT, the OSD on my ground station is giving data, but it is all 0’s, no GPS, battery, etc., etc. Now I was on a job last week with John C from 3DR in the SF bay area and he brought out a Y6 that had exactly the same problem with the OSD. Now before I start taking things apart, any suggestions would be appreciated. I am thinking; correct me if I am wrong, that the Y-cable that shares the telemetry may be the issue. I was thinking of unplugging the telemetry radio to see if I get the OSD info back, and if so, run the radio to telem 2 on the PixHawk. What say you gurus?

Hi CBussel,

I agree with you and it seems to be a defective Y cable. You should contact help@3drobotics.com for a cable replacement.

Since you are getting telemetry data in your ground station the problem should be with the wires that goes to the miniOSD and I don’t think the disconnection of the telemetry will work.

There is a cable to connect the old 3dr radio to the APM, this cable also works to connect the miniOSD directly to the APM if you are not going to use a telemetry radio. This is the cable: store.3drobotics.com/products/te … or-apm-2-5 and and by changing the DF13 5 pins connector to a DF13 6 pins connector you will be able to connect the miniOSD directly to the Pixhawk’s TELEM 2 (or 1, both work the same way).

We are expecting to have a 6 pins version of this cable at the store soon, but I don’t have a date, in the meantime attached is a guide to modify the cable from the above description.

Thanks for the feedback, disconnected everything, re-arranged the wiring for less stress on the plugs, and re-connected, everything working, droidplanner/OSD wohoo


I’m having the same problem where my OSD is only showing 0’s on the video screen. The telemetry does seem to be correctly transmitting the data to the computer. Did you take off the top plate to redo/replug in wires? Which in particular did you alter?


Hi David,

If you are using a Y cable and you have the telemetry radio and the minimOSD connected, please establish a telemetry radio connection using a computer or tablet, and that will make your minimOSD to display the updated telemetry information.