RTCM Messages Forwarding via QGC for Android

Hello guys!

I have a RTK Base that continuosly stream for me RTCM3 correction messages via Bluetooth.

I want to know if someone have ever used QGC for Android in order to encapsulate these messages via MAVLink and send to the drone (is that possible)?

I have suceeded to send it via a Windows Laptop using Mission Planner RTK/GPS Inject Screen, connected to my android device via TCP channel, but I really do not want to have to worry about my laptop during flights.

Thanks in advance!

use MP on android to do it.

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Thanks @Michael_Oborne!

Hello @Michael_Oborne

I tried to connect my Bluetooth device in the RTK/GPS Inject screen and it is giving me this error:

Any clue on how to solve this?

Thanks in advance!

the bluetooth device is staying connected ok?

I will double check it tomorrow.

Or you can use mavproxy:

@amilcarlucas : Any news in 2023 about it ?

I got most of my emlid pull requests merged in the official software releases, but unfortunately not all of them.
I no longer use emlid receivers, so I can not tell you how good they are supported today.

So I guess you need to test it out and post here how good, or how bad it works. But do post concrete error messages, and not vague questions.