RTCM inject via UDP

Hello- looking at all RTK inject options, and having difficulty with a UDP server.

Mission Planner connects, but no “Messages (are) Seen” in link status.

The service is “Autocaster” from North Surveying, and they have verified that RTCM is being transmitted.

Am I missing something obvious?

what mode are you using? udp client? at a guess check your windows firewall

Was using UDP Client mode, Mission Planner is whitelisted in Windows Firewall.

do you know if the rtcm messages are packet aligned?

ideally would need a wireshark capture or similar to look further

Seems to work…

Unclear, but the UDP provider wasn’t able to make it function.

They just provided a workaround using virtual ports:


Appears to be a functional option, but again, it is unclear why their RTCM wasn’t readable.