Rssi trough OSD to Ardupilot

Hi everyone,

I’m curently building my first plane equiped with ardupilot with a PixHawk Mini from 3DR.
I want to connect a minimosd with the telemetry port and more importanly get RSSI data from my Rx.
I’ve seen multiple connections diagrams showing that I should connect my RSSI feed directly on the OSD but I don’t know if the OSD will communicate this data with it’s UART port to Ardupilot.
I’ve seen that you could use a low pass filter and get the RSSI signal in the CAN port of the pixhawk but I’d like to keep simple…
Has anyone done this before ?
I would really appreciate your help :slight_smile:

I use this with a pixfalcon, taranis/X8R and minimOSD as a round-about way to get RSSI on the OSD using a spare RC channel

Takes a bit of fiddling around but works

Hey thanks for your reply, unfortunatly this won’t work with my build since my Rx is a Optima D from Hitec and my radio can’t send RSSI on a spare channel…