RSSI...not working, apm 2.8, minim osd , ct r800

I have battled with this a lot. I first watched dave mercs video, using

  • ezuhf 1.52, ch.8 set to link, muxed
  • apm 2.8, pin 2-3 bridged, ch1 attached
  • ct for minim osd r800, ch8 selected for rssi, 900 value chosen for both min and max
  • mp 3.4 adruplane
  • rssi_pin to 8

I AM GETTING RSSI, but, it is always reading at 1500%, DOES NOT CHANGE when the radio is shut off.

coincidently while in MP config, my ch8 is always reading mid value, 1500

i have tried,

  • I have tried programming ez uhf to not use muxed, and unbridged apm and plugged directly into ch 8, still not luck

  • i have tried with muxed to ch1 apm with ch2 on ezuhf set to output 8 and hooked to ch 8 on apm, 1500%

any thoughts?

my next idea is to set ch2 to out 8 on ez uhf and put a pwm to analog converter and try to find the right A pin and setting in 3.4 to get that to work.

P.S., 3.4 is the newest MP that can be used with apm 2.8