RSSI embedded in PWM from UHF systems without use sbus output

According to the doc ( rssi on rc channel requires :

RSSI_CHANNEL : Your selected channel from above.

Its works for me, but I need to use SBUS output to control something with an arduino nano board…

Moreover, I don’t understand why use sbus output as rssi ana pin with rssi type 2

Could you help me please ?

Not sure if this will help you or not, I’ve got RSSI feedback from the X8R receiver to the Taranis X9D+ via the normal FrSky telemetry, then used this to put the RSSI back in a transmitted channel back to the receiver for display on a minimOSD. In the minimOSD (nightghost version) I just designated the RC channel with RSSI and it’s displayed onscreen OK.

The reason I went with this round-about method is I have a Pixfalcon, so limited inputs and outputs, but 16 channels available via the X8R. I only have 1 telemetry port, so I can only hang one device off it , or potentially 2 - a telem radio and OSD provided they both use the same protocol. So I cant use an OSD or telem radio AND a FrSky adapter.