RSSI distance units and voltage fluctuations?

DistRSSIRemain is listed variously as between 17420703m (1742km) and 20236674m (2023km) on the ground in close range and down to 12341m in a short range flight.

Are those values really meters? So a potential theoretical range of 12km for that configuration?

There’s still a noticeable fluctuation of the voltage reported by the MP, I understand there’s a filter that has been put on the voltage, could the damping level be increased for voltage?

DistRSSIRemain is in whatever unit you have selected.

it is calculated based on the snr of the remote and local 3dr radios. and give you the estimated value of how much further you could fly, before losing signal. NOTE: this is guide only, as simply banking the aircraft could change these numbers.

currently the bat voltage is on a 5 sample average, and assuming the default telem rates, this means a 1.4 second average.