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"RSSI DAX for EZUHF" with APM / MinimOSD?

If I bought one of these , would I be able to use it to connect my EzUHF Rx to my APM and get reliable RSSI info to display on the MinimOSD?

I sorted out my problem. The instructions in the wiki confused me as the solution had nothing to do with enabling a pin etc. In fact, I disabled RSSI in parameters, and no need for a converter.

Now RSSI works perfectly in minimOSD.

So how do you do it?

PixHawk connect to EzUHF by RC in PPM Muxed.
PixHawk connect to EzUFH by SB in Link/RSSI.
PixHawk connect to MinimOSD by Telem2/1

And no Telemetry for me :frowning:

It is valid for PixHawk?

do you have the link for the wiki? I have the same issue at the moment. Trying to attach ez uhf to apm 2.8 with minim osd

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