RSC setpoint on 3.1

When moving to 3.1 on tradheli, it seems like the RSC mode 1 setpoint functionality is broken. The field for the setpoint is grayed out in MP and the ESC runs at 100% even though my RSC_SETPOINT is at 1515 pwm. Ch 8 output shows 1900 pwm. Anyone else seeing this?

For now, I set ch 8 as passthrough and set the ESC speed in the transmitter.

RSC_Setpoint should still exist, but I can’t tell you why it’s greyed out on the Heli setup page. (I can confirm is it on mine too).

You should still be able to access it through the Full Parameters List. It shows up as H_RSC_SETPOINT. The range is now changed from 1000-2000, to 0-1000. So you’re going to now use a number somewhere around 500 if your previous number was 1515. The change in range was done because it seems to make more sense to have this number as a Percent rather than a PWM range.

Next MP release will resolve this issue.

Sorry for the question but I’m just starting with my Trad Heli project:

My idea is that the rotor speed can be adjusted flexibly via a potentiometer on my Tx. So I have to set H_RSC_MODE to 1 and put Ch8 to a poti of the Tx, is this correct? Can I still use the governor mode of the ESC in this case? Does that setup make sense anyway?

All the best, Markus

Markus, that’s exactly right. And it is intended to be used with a governor ESC. So your setup would be perfect.

Thanks guys for your help. The range being changed to 0-1000 seems to be the fix. Good to know that the next MP will have the grayed out boxes fixed.