RPM Sensor

Hi Everyone

I am Building a CableCam which will be capable of speeds up to 160km/h. As GPS isn’t accurate enough for this concept i want to use RPM measurement (prob hall effect) as a way for the cablecam to ‘learn’ the movement i want it to make. Ie, I can accelerate to the required speed, hold at that speed then slow down to a stop before the end of the very long rope, the controller can learn this movement and repeat it.
I would also love for the controller to be able to learn the length of the rope and apply the brakes automatically before the end is reached (I could use a fwd looking Lidar as a trigger here also)

So firstly can this be achieved?
Secondly if it can be achieved is there alot of code req’d? I only know the very basics but i do know people who code for a living so they could possibly help me.

Thanks very much