RPM problem, what's the problem?

The hall sensor operation for RPM monitoring is finished.
RPM monitoring is smooth.
However, RPM monitoring becomes impossible from any moment.

RPM maintains 6000

From a certain point, it goes up to 9000 and becomes -1.
(Monitoring maximum RPM is set to 10000.)

Is this a parameter problem?
Is it a hardware problem?

The sound of the actual engine is heard at 6000 even if the monitoring is 8000 or 9000.

I think this is the trash value.

You have a bad sensor.

I’m having a hard time getting mine to work as well.
Linear hall sensor, 2.5v out normally, and then goes up to 5v when the magnet passes by. (or 9 if I flip the magnets).
Got magnets taped on a drill, which has a ratex max of 1600rpm, but with a scaling of 1, I get around double of that and sometimes it’ll just go to -1 until I reduce the RPMs.
Wont pick up anything until ~500rpm.

Tried an align sensor too, but I can’t get it to vary it’s output at all.

The following Hall sensors work perfectly with Arducopter:

https://www.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXBYNT (use just the sensor unit, not the adapter)


as Chris said you may have a bad sensor or, looking at the behavior, even a wiring issue.

I did the wiring this way.

Is this the wrong way?
If so, should I attach two Hall sensors to the magnet of the engine (one for ignition, one for FC and a governor)

I got the Graupner Hott sensor and it works out of the box.
It passes 5v through, until activated by the magnet and it switches to 0v. It’s uni-directional.
I have yet to find a hall sensor that behaves like that, but I will keep looking.

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