RPlidar 360 degree lidar configuration

hi everyone i have a question regarding the RPlidar, how do we actually set the speed the RPlidar? i am fairly new to RPlidars and i am not sure how do we set the speed. do we set the speed and sampling rate with the app before connecting to the pixhawk? or how does it work? thanking everyone in advance

Hi Zeke,

As far as I know there is no way from within AP to set the lidar speed. Maybe there is an RPLidar configuration app that allows setting the value and persisting it? Sorry, maybe someone else knows the answer…

Not sure about RPlidar, but I think most of them work the same. Currently using a Velodyne 16 lite and a Lightware SB45/B. Both have utility software to set scan rate, pulse rate, return and such. Check their documentation.

Thanks eveyone, i found out that we just need to increase/ decrease the voltage, as voltage is proportional to rpm of the lidar