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RPI4 Connection to Pixhawk


I am facing the issue of MAV> Link 1 down

I have connected Pixhawk2.4.8 to RPI4 following the guidelines at

I have made a Serial connector from Pi4 UART pins to TELEM2 on Pixhawk2.4.8

Parameters in Mission Planner are as below
Serial2_Baud : 921600
Serila2_Protocol : 2
Serial1_Baud : 57
Serial1_Protocol : 1

Once I run the command --master=/dev/serial0 --baudrate 921600 --aircraft MyCopter

I get :-
/usr/local/bin/ DeprecationWarning …
Connect /dev/serial0 source_system=255
no script MyCopter/mavinit.scr
Log Directory …
Telemetry Log …
Waiting for heartbeat from /dev/serial0
MAV> Link 1 down

I get the same response when I try ttyS0 instead of serial0 or change the baudrates to 57600

I do not intend to use APsync since I have to connect the Pi on WiFi to my other network. So I have to work on SSH

Any help shall be appreciated.

Found the problem.

Connector cable wasnt proper.


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