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Rpanion-server 0.7 Released

Rpanion-server 0.7 has been released!

Rpanion-Server is an Open-Source software package for a managing the companion computer (such as the Raspberry Pi) connected to an ArduPilot flight controller. It will run on most Linux-based systems.

Rpanion-Server consists of a network manager, MAVLink telemetry routing, flight logging and a low latency video streaming server. All are able to be managed via a web-based user interface.

Documentation and pre-built disk images for the Raspberry Pi are available at . Source code is at

New in 0.7 is:

  • Support MJPEG cameras for video streaming
  • Added button to disable all Wi-Fi adapters
  • GUI overhaul, using the Bootstrap framework
  • Various bug fixes

Downloading right now!

Hi Stephen,

would it be possible to add a list of connected clients (for AP setups) to the network screen?
This would be helpful for “follow me” mode and my antenna tracker/relay.

Sure. I’ll look into it.

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