Rpanion-server 0.6 released

Rpanion-server 0.6 has been released!

Rpanion-Server is an Open Source software package for a companion computer (such as the Raspberry Pi) on autonomous vehicle. It provides a web-based interface for configuring the network, telemetry (MAVLink) routing and logging from a connected flight controller.

Also included is a low-latency video streaming server.

Documentation, source code and pre-built disk images for the Raspberry Pi are available at https://www.docs.rpanion.com/software/rpanion-server.

New in 0.6 is:

  • Dataflash (bin) logging from flight controller
  • Better MAVLink routing performance (via using mavlink-router)
  • Improved GUI messages
  • Various bug fixes

Just in time for my rover/tracker testing tomorrow!

Fantastic timing this for me too thanks this is outstanding work.

Hi Stephen,

in which directory should I install mavlink-router?

Nevermind, the default directory seems to be fine.

Thank you very much Stephen for this helpful software!
I installed your image and it worked like a charm on the first boot.
I have opened some feature request on github.

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